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Our Services

Repair equipment
Diagnostics, repair of any complexity of your equipment, from phone to laptop
PC Assembly
We will select a computer for any tasks, with your or Our components
Installing the software or fixing problems with it
Installing the software
Troubleshooting problems with the software installed on your machine earlier
Servers, Crypto-Farms
Setup, Assembly,Purchase consultation, connection and configuration your servers
Optimization of phones/computers/servers
Your PC began to work more slowly, it is necessary to clean it from dust, water and other contaminants inside, We will help to return the equipment to its previous speed

Our Mission

We are a full-cycle IT company. We repair and assemble hardware, from a mobile phone to a server, both for an ordinary user and for large companies. The concept of the project, We work for you as for Friends who will come to us again when it is necessary. They will come, not only for a service, but also for advice.


We carry out not only current activities, but also author's assemblies, with unique labeling and design


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